IOS LIVE Not Showing PNG'S or other Images

Hey Hey Team,

The Live test has stopped showing PNG’s or other image formats.

The Computer module still shows them.

Could you share a link to your project? I have a .png in our ChatGPT demo project and the .png at the top of the screen is showing up on Thunkable Live iOS 362-4.

Here are two views.

One from the web portal for testing and one from the mobile.

I have deleted and re-opened app and did an IOS update. Still nothing.

Background image is blank as well

For some reason the platform copied my project. There are two projects. Why did that happen?

I’ll have to look into this further. Seeing the same thing though with this specific project. It’s frustrating, I appreciate your patience.

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It started last night around 1:30. I was building another page and some of the items werent showing. I didnt think anything of it. But now, all images are missing

Funny, now the web project portal isnt working.

It wasnt working in Google Chrome, switched to Edge and now working

IOS Live still no go

I am having the same issue. I added some icon images on one page and now every PNG icon is not showing. The web preview stills shows them.

Same issue here. Also not working in Android.

@cresto.pgaxq2 @tthompson41231 @carlinmclellan I do apologize for the inconvenience here. We are seeing happen more widespread now and are looking into the issue. Appreciate your patience. We’ll post updates here as we find more.

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Any update on this? Major bugs like this need to be resolved ASAP for this to be a viable option for business.


@samir.sarwart Still having to look into this one. I completely understand your frustration. I am working to get an update ASAP.

No worries, Let me know if you need any testing. It seemed to happen quite sudden. Adding pics as normal and then boom… added a pic the then the app stopped showing them all

A fix for this issue has been released. If you’re still seeing any issues with images in your app, please uninstall and re-install the app again, it will go away once you do that.

Thanks, everyone!

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This issue seems to have returned last night. Please could you investigate?


Same issue for me too.

Any PNGs used as a picture or background not showing on the thunkable android app.

Have tried to uninstall and reinstall, to no avail.

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