Image can't show in live test

I want to show a image, it does!Well, not in live test on thunkable app.Help!

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Hey @1361610-2f,
I don’t really know why it doesn’t show the image, but i think your platform doesn’t support the image file format. Could you tell me what the file format is and what platform you are using?

I am experiencing the same issue of no images showing up on Live Test on Android. Maybe there’s some bug and we’ll just have to wait for the engineers to fix this : )

Hi, same problem here.

Since last Live Thunkable update for ANDROID (V370-13 / ANDROID 11) images are not displayed.
Still OK with IOS.

Here is the lik to my app :

2 images are presents - one grey/red LED and one yellow LED (.gif format)

The screenshot -

And the sceenshot with previous thunkage live reverse to version V362-6 :

Thank for your help.

@conroy33 Sorry for disturbing you but please can someone have a look at why this issue of images not appearing in live test is happening?
Thank you.

Hi, v370-22 solves the problem, thanks.

I always save the previous .apk in case of this kind of bug.
Non regression test (TNR in french) is an important step in the dev. process !

Regards, jmrchy

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Happy to help! Please mark my above post as “Solution” so others can refer.

Hi, i’m not the owner of this topic, so i can’t change the status to “solution”.

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Oh yea sorry.

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