[RESOLVED] Thunkable Live App Issues - Android

Recently, i have been experiencing a bug wherein if i have uploaded an image as the background for screens no image appears i.e. white screen. I have images added in my app but in Live Test NO Images are seen…
Also for some unknown reason i keep getting the “Something has gone wrong check your blocks and reset this page” when there is no error at all in my app.

However, after i have downloaded my APK everything is working picture perfect with no issues whatsoever. I hope the Thunkable Live app will be fixed soon.


Same. Mine in Thunkable Live iOS

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@varunkadapatti I have taken a look at our logs and see that you are still using an old version of the Thunkable Live app for Android. Please update to version 370-13 and let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

Thank you!


Actually i was using the latest version but because i faced these ossues on the latest, i downgraded the version

I can see that you have released version 370-22 which now works without any issues. Thanks a lot!

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