New Thunkable Live update this morning has bugs!

New Thunkable LIVE update from Google Playstore this morning is bugs. Can not display any images. My company is oversea and working 24 hours.
I have an old android had v. 362.6 is still working fine. The bugs is on latest version.

Hi All,
I am experiencing a similar problem. I have found that since Sunday (12Feb), Thunkable live is not displaying any images. I have an image background and numerous icons. The only content displayed are labels and text_input fields.
I am running an android and have the latest version of thunkable live. When I’ve downloaded a test version and installed it all functions as expected as does the Live test on desktop.

Any support or updates would be most welcome. Thanks.

@david.cooke20135v9 Hi David! We are taking a look at this issue now. I will update you here when I hear more about a solution.

Appreciate your patience!

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