Images not displaying in Thunkable Live App (DnD)


Images aren’t displaying for me in the Thunkable Live App using DnD.
I have tested on my Google Pixel 6a and iPhone SE, same issue with both.

Here is the project

Just confirming that it doesn’t work for me in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 13 Pro either. Also, I added a jpg of my own and that doesn’t display at all in Thunkable Live. But… a url to a jpg does work:

Looks like this is already a known issue today: IOS LIVE Not Showing PNG'S or other Images


Confirming we’re seeing this issue more now. It was working fine for me earlier but I just created a sample app and am seeing the same. I will get this reported ASAP.

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I’m seeing the issue in StP apps, too. We are looking into it currently.

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