Even if the live test doesn't shows images, when I download the apk they will appear on the app?

hey ya’all, I’m making an app that includes a lot of images but they are in JPG and they are very small but when I make a live test it doesn’t show the images sometimes or even on the design while I’m working on it sometimes they appear and sometime they doesn’t, my doubt is that even if they don’t show on the live test, when I publish my app on google play or download the apk it will show the images right? , also, does anyone know if thunkable has like, a limit on how much images can you put in your app? or if anyone recomends not exceeding a certain limit of images, I’m worried that is going to be hard to download because of too many images

I apreciate any answers or suggestions


I’m encountering this bug too. I hope someone gets on this. I never had any issues with images last year.

Thunkable app has a maximum limit of 50MB so as long as the total APK size does not exceed this limit you are OK.

When you upload images as assets to your project make sure not to rename the image in the project.

If you rename any of the images, then remove it and add it again.

If you want the image to have a more descriptive name then change the physical file name in your computer before adding it to the project assets.

You can also select different display resize mode from the property of the component but mostly contain would do the job.


im having the same problem too, i can use old images ive uploaded before but cant use any new type of assets.