Images not showing up on Android devices

I’m curious if there are specs for image files that work/don’t work on Android phones?

I published an app on the App Store and it works great on iOS devices. But my friend installed the .apk and all of the images are missing. The screen background picture is white/blank and the button pictures are solid grey instead of faded.

Does it have something to do with transparencies? I’m using a bunch of semi-opaque images exported from Illustrator.

Does it matter if I use .pngs or .jpgs?

I saw an old thread about this from three years ago and it also mentioned the need for absolute value sizes for pictures on Android. I’m using relative sizes (e.g. 10%) for most components. I suppose I could switch to absolute (pixel) values but I’d rather not.

Thanks for any insights and advice!

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If you can give me the link to your APK, I’ll install and test and give you a feedback

Thanks, I might do that but I have a co-worker who’s donating his older Android device to me this week so I think I’ll give that a shot first.

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