Error - Missing Images when I create an app


I made an app with 400 recipes with photos and when I download the app or enter from Thunkable app, there are many photos that do not appear, but if I access the corresponding screen in the project I see that the jpg appears in the image component.

This error appears after the update a few days ago, I have opened the apk with APK Editor Studio and only 209 photos appear instead of the 400 that are in the project.

I download the app few weeks ago and I was testing it, I corrected some typing errors and when I download it again I have this problem

I have downloaded this days several times but there are always missing photos, I do not know what to do because the images are in the project but they don´t appear in the app.


Where should photos appear and where should they not appear?

The photos appear in the image component of each screen and do not appear in the app installed on a mobile phone and in the project on Thunkable Live

What is the total size of photos?

19,3 MB, and last month all the photos were visible

Recently, I have seen unstable operation of some blocks. The latest updates may have broken something in your project. Unfortunately, without a link to the project, I can’t say anything more.

19,3 MB - unfortunately, I didn’t work with this amount of data. Am I correct in assuming that all photos are optimized for weight?

Yes, all photos are optimized.

I found the problem, when you create an app with a lot of weight like mine, it slows down a lot and it takes a long time each time you select a component.

To solve it, what I did was create a new project and create there the screens and save them in My screens to copy them to the other app.

This always worked without any problem but with the update all the photos on the screens where I used this method have been deleted.

I see that the name of the file continues appearing in the image component in the project, but doesn´t exist in the project, so it does not appear when I create the app.

I have done a test uploading some of the photos of those screens with the name file but doesn´t the image and it works!!!

The problem is that the project is too big? If so, can close the question, or are there any other problems? Unfortunately, I don’t see your project and what can be optimized in it, but it’s clear that Thunkable X can’t work with very large data.