Image working on IOS download and on live test but not on APK download


I have made an app that has a PNG image as a logo.
I can see the image perfectly fine while doing the Live test (both android and IOS), while I download the IOS app but the image is not shown when I download and install apk on android.
Steps tried so far:

  1. Tried different android phones (5 different phones, works on none)
  2. Changed image size to absolute, relative and fit content - NONE positive

Please help.

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I’ll bet you a nickel (because I had this problem recently) that you renamed the image. Try deleting the image file from the project, then re-uploading the file. If you don’t like the file name, fix that BEFORE uploading to Thunkable.

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I owe you 2 nickles lol.
I have been trying all different things for the past 1 week and it was this silly thing. It worked!
Thank you so much!

I believe it would be due to some image cache stored by thunkable?

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Glad it worked for you! I’m not sure what the problem is, but yeah, I saw the exact same thing - the Android API was missing images - but only some images! I had to unzip the APK to find the problem.

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