Default image won't show in live test

Hi, I’m looking for some help.

I have an app which displays photos using a standard image block. Upon screen start I’ve set it to a default image, and then it changes based on user input (ie. selecting other photos).

The problem is when I’m doing live test on iPhone and iPad, the default image doesn’t show. THe image block is just blank instead. Subsequent photo selections still work.
To add, live test on a macbook works just fine.

Any advice here?

can you provide a share link or show where you have set this image to be the initial?

are you sure that the image works. have you tried to switch it out? I have initialized a lot of images in my apps without issue.

it could be a companion issue. do you ahve the most up to date version of the liive companion?

My project is here:

I’m sure that the image works because:

  • When I do live test on the macbook, it does show upon initialization
  • When I manually select it later (after the app is up and running), it shows too

And yes I do have the latest live companion