Unable to view images in image component in web preview

I’m a teacher. one of my new students is unable to view images in the image component.
in the very first project, the image was not visible in web preview but it was working in live test on his iPhone. today in the second project, the images were not visible in both web preview and in live test.

I checked the below things in image properties.

  1. height and width - 300, 250
  2. visible - True
  3. image resize mode - contain

using chrome browser on his windows desktop.

PS: we are using the drag and drop feature. he is using the same image that I use in my project.

Hi there.
There is currently a bug that makes images not show.
Instead they will show a day later.

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oh is it? but I was able to see the images while working in parallel with him. let me check in this next class to see if the images are shown. Thank you so much for your reply!

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No Problem.
What is Parallel?

I mean I do the same on my screen while he is working on his project.

Hey, I ran into the same issue! Instead of using the image from your computer, upload it to imgur. When it’s done, drag the image to a new tab and copy the link. It should load quicker.


let me try this with my student and update you

Good luck!

True. it worked on the next day… thank you so much

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You’re welcome