[Solved] Image Components Look so Different per phone view

Why does my images look so different between the two btw phone and the editor? (Please look at the attachments)

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 9.37.07 AM

the image with the blue background is the editor and the other image is the phone view

try uninstalling your thunkable live app and install again maybe because thunkable keeps updating

Will do, please be on standby pretty please… :wink:

Nope, unfortunately that didn’t help the problem. The image components looks fine on the editor, but when I preview they aren’t coming out like the editor.

add some space using group component

ok I’ll try that but that still wont justify the width of the image

See this from Thunkable documentation. It clearly says there are differences.

thank you all so much because I have been going crazy trying to see if this app going to look the way i want it

when I look at the preview on the web its just a blank screen

ok so when I look at the preview it looks correct

thank you all so much