The images aren't resizing in the final app! what should I do?

When I use the preview, it doesn’t resize the images in the application even though it resizes them in the editor. What should I do?

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To get an answer you need to provide sufficient details along with a video of what the problem is or screen shots or link to your project so others and more experienced members of the community can look into it and provide suggestions.

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the former is the problem. the latter is how it should look like

Post a link or details on how you’re setting size? Which interface?

Also, the preview is the least reliable way to see final results. Try thunkable live? Unless you’re building only for web?

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It shows the same error there. I also built an apk and sent it to an android device. same result.


I’m using these to set the size. I would use fixed sizes but the app is gonna be for multiple sizes of devices.

That’s one component. Gonna need to see the tree and settings for most to debug it.

Thunkable doesn’t know how big images are by itself, so if you’re using fit contents only, how will it figure it out?

I often find that if I want things sized perfectly, I need to use math and calculate from the screen width abs height blocks. Or you can try percentages, if everything can be described as a percentage (not a mix of relative and absolute).


This is a duplicate of the app.

This is definitely one of those places where you need to do some math and then set your block sizes. Take your screen height and subtract the height of the menu block (set that to something absolute). Then dive that by 5. Also take the screen width and divide by 3. Compare those two results, and set all the row heights and individual button widths to whichever of those is less. And then if you want it to look OK in Live, you’ll want to make the screen scrollable, because the screen height is the actual screen height and doesn’t account for the menu bars across the top and bottom.

(To clarify - you’re setting heights with blocks, when the screen starts - not in the designer.)


Thanks for the info. Your help is deeply appreciated.