Image resize. Does it really work as expected?

starting from the Thunkable documentation of Image component, I expect that an Image with resize mode set to contain, should resize the image to fit its max dimension inside its own container.
Is this correct? Am I right?
'cause I nedd to do so, but It seem’s there’s no way to do it.
Here is the original image
And here is how it appears in an image with height set to 50% of the screen





As you can see, none of them show me the whole image with correct proportion.
What should I have to set to have the result I need?
Thank you!

Don’t trust that preview. Image resize doesn’t work the same in the web preview as in Thunkable live or the downloaded app.

If you’re building for web, use the publish button and check it there.

I’m used to resizing with ‘contain’ showing the full image, so I’m interested to know if your result is the same in other test environments.

The problem is that I’m developing for mobile and I get the same wrong result even if I download the APK :sweat:

Gotcha. Can you share the project? I’m happy to check your parameters