[Solved] How should I put images in Thunkable?

I want to add images in Thunkable X for screen and imageview, so I tried URL link but it failed.

Is this right way to put image? If not, what is way to put images?

Click on the project name which is on the top left of your screen then upload images sounds etc… and use the name of them as in Thunkable in your blocks or components.


+1 for what @Hayder said - it should look something like this:


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Apologies this is confusing – we have a more discoverable way to add assets in our next release.



Thanks. but How can I resize the picture? I tried, but it didn’t work.

The picture is cut.

Hi there – have you tried live testing this app on your phone? Right now, the phone previewer does not perfect reflect the size of the image esp with larger images.

Albert @ Thunkable