How Do I make Images Actual Icon Size

For some reason even when I make the icons to be 16x16 they are still huge, how do I make these smaller??? The images below are the current settings I have

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.24.08 AM

u can use ur settings and apply nd see them

I’ve tried to do that already its not working

Never trust what you see in the editor. Always test on the device. I see the same issue while editing the project but when I then preview it in the Thunkable Live (companion) app, the picture size is correct. Also, make sure that the picture resize mode is set to “center”.

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Ok… yet another bug in Thunkable discovered. At this point, I am starting to lose my faith in the platform. We are getting more bugs introduced than squashed and this is not a good sign.

My previous instructions work well until I decide to add a border to the image. On iOS, everything is ok and the border is visible however, on Android the image gets stretched and covers the entire image size despite its resizing being set to “center”. If I remove the border then everything is fine again. Not good… noooot good at all…