Fonts? image sizing?

A few questions:

  1. Does Thunkable X allow a different font? I want to use the material font for icons in my app like with thunkable android.

  2. I am trying to set an image to be sized nicely on thunkable X and cannot figure this out. Also, the image in my app doesn’t show on thunkable live, making it difficult to test.

My app: and the f logo at the top is what I want to be as large but not distorted as possible, occupying just 10% of the top. any help is appreciated!

  1. the images on android (i dont know about ios) don’t display for the png icons I am using at the bottom of the screen. i don’t like the idea of using the absolute size for these icons but any other setting seems to distort how they look or make them too small/big

thanks y’all

Hmm. The impression is that the function of displaying the background image for button does not work at all. I on iOS 11.3 and the emulator of Android 7.1 do not display a picture on the button neither png, nor gif, nor jpg.

So how should I go about making a clickable picture?

Previously, you used Unicode characters on the buttons as icons. They did not suit you with something?

ya, they are ugly and they don’t work for our school logo :-/

Hi Maxim,

Alternatively you can use the buttons as graphical html link in the component Web Viewer.

In the upper text block copy:

data: text/html, <meta charset = "utf-8"> <meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, initial-scale = 1.0" />

To the lower text block copy:

<img src = "" onclick="location='tel:5042862600'"/>

If you use png images, then instead of image/gif you need to specify image/png

To convert the image to base64 format, there are online converters, for example this.

I found a way to make a button that uses an image as its background - place it above the image component:

  • Add Row (Width and Height = Fit contents) to the screen
  • Add to Row Image and Button
  • Load image to Image
  • Set Button BackgroundColor = transparent
  • Set the Image property Position = absolute

After that, the button will be positioned above the image and it will remain to align them dimensions.

So is this the only way to make a button have a viewable image? I have done a large portion of my app but I have this exact same problem on my iOS device where it is not visible (except for one of them for some reason).