[Solved] Button image invisible on phone

I’m trying to recreate a clicker game I started on Scratch in Thunkable so I can make it into an app but the button isn’t showing up on the phone. I used an image from the original project as the background picture of the button and it won’t show up. The rectangle around it does, but the image itself won’t. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Hi @coolbeth.jordan24ham! :wave:

Welcome to the community. The first thing to do is to try to unassign and reassign the background image to see if it updates.

Failing that, please share some screenshots so we can take a closer look for you.


I tried removing the image from the button and inserting it again but it still won’t show up on the phone.
These are the images shown on the phone and the computer.

Ah… you’re using a .svg file @coolbeth.jordan24ham, try a raster file like .png or .jpg instead.

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Ok. Thanks for the help!

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