How to set the button backgroundcolor to none?

on thunkable ios,the button component backgroundcolor default set to none,but on thunkable x,the default backgroundcolor is ffffff,cannot change to none.

and the function component still not work.

please fix the bug,thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback about the background color – I believe I am running into the same issue.

Can you share the function block that isn’t working?


just a simple funciton,not work:

if no use funciton,it is ok:

and i find another bug,when i clicked the function in other screen,then immediately return to the first screen?

Hi there. Apologies – there is a bug in setting up a function but we have a fix already in our latest release that we hope to be available early next week.



how to add image in botton

Unfortunately, that is not available yet but we are hoping to add it soon.

Hello everyone…I want to ask how to add gif image in such button and it’s not cover my backround screen image…I’ve try using webview and extension but when it run in live test the animated gif playing diffrent with what I seen in “designer mode”…pls help…thankyou

Hi there. Here’s an example of how you can play a .gif in a button on Thunkable ✕.

Hope this helps,

thank you sir…but I’m new to this thunkable and now I just heard Thunkable X…what’s that? are you plan to migrate to Thunkable X?..I just open your link and I little bit confusing of the interface…it’s seem very crowd…

We are hoping most folks upgrade to Thunkable ✕ – you can find tutorials built into the platform here:


ok…I see…