How to change the background of function buttons?

how to change the background of function buttons?
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I can’t really tell what you’re trying to show with that screenshot. What do you mean by “function buttons”? Do you mean button components? If so, see this:

If not, can you show a larger/more detailed screenshot or explain more?

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the background of these buttons is gray and I haven’t found an option that can change that.

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Can you explain what buttons are these?
Are you using a bottom tab navigator and these are the buttons for the tabs for each page?

these buttons are in every phone. (with android). When I create apps their background is gray and I can’t find an option to change the background color of these buttons.

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So those are the operating system buttons. There is no way inside Thunkable to control them. You need to check, if available, in the phone settings.

each application changes the color of this background, although I do not change anything in the settings.

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Please provide a video of what you’re seeing or a screenshot that shows the whole screen… not just a few buttons. It’s really hard to understand from what you’ve shown.

Is this happening on the Design tab or only when tested on an Android device?

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These are the Android navigation keys and cannot be changed by any application. The background of these keys in transparent and therefore if you change the screen background to green and run your app from the phone you will see these buttons’ background green but this is not a change of the buttons. They stay with transparent background.

If you see something different then please show it in a short video as suggested by @tatiang so we can understand what you are trying to describe.

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