[Solved] Did the iOS app icon sizes change? (no they didn't)

The size of the APP icon is smaller is this a bug? or this how it going be? smaller don’t look too good compared to all other APP on the phone ios

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See the documentation and reconfirm that you have followed the size recommendations

Yes i have put in 192 px even use bigger to see same small size compared to my app current version

It says this is the minimum. Icon size for Android is 500x500 and for iOS is 1024x1024.

Please read the documents. It does not mean to stop at the first size mentioned.

Ok i am talking about when downloading app from Thunkable not to the App Store i testing first

I refer to the same.
Please read the docs. You asked about App Icon and I referred you to the section of App Icon in the docs.

If you are asking about a different thing and you don’t know what to call it then just share an image and point to it.

i don’t know am i the only one seeing this? just here to update my app after a year hard to believe only i notice the APP icon size difference

Can you post some screenshots of what you mean?

I have an app on the store, recently published, and it looks normal to me?

I added the text in the logo. the mouse fills up where it should.

What are you experiencing.

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ok so i changed it to jpg instead of a png file and it back to the normal size of current APP version

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