Beginner .Why are the images in the editor and those on the phone not the same?

Good evening, I can’t find the settings to match the display in the editor and the one on the phone. I enclose both normal and high contrast images because in the first one we can see the images well, in the second the settings.


Now would you ask me one by one, please? So I can answer you clearly in simple easy way.
Note: Set the images to “Contain” in the image resize mode.

Set whatever you like to show on the screen to “contain”
From “background picture resize mode”
My regatds!

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Thank you for your interest.
Can you tell me if there is complete documentation of the settings and tell me about it?
So I could be independent and disturb only if I don’t understand something.

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Hi @iaia,

You can find our documentation here:

Hope that helps, but feel free to ask questions at any time, we’re here to help!

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