How to add a video as a background


Is it possible to have a video or a gif playing as if it was a background image?

I have checked similar topics and cannot find anything.

Background Video in Thunkable X

Use a animated gif. Extract it into separate png files. You can do that online if you want. Then use a clock and change the image every tenth of a second.

In this case it contains 35 images and every time the file is changed.




I gave it a go, but the background goes white rather than looping the images.

I named the images giphy-1,-2,-3 etc… is this correct?


You are using thunkable x. I dont know how it works there.



I have tried using 20 images to create a background video using the following:


I have named the files giphy-1, -2, -3 etc.

Unfortunatley all I get is a blank white background. Any ideas?


Hi @mauk,

I’d assume your variable is just called “frame” rather than “global frame”

Try using something like the following:



Hi @Domhnall,

I added in your suggestions, however the image just flashes. Is there a way to make the image swap so it appears like a video?


What duration are you using for your timer?


I have tried quite a few settings in milliseconds, however it just makes it flash rather than a fluid video.


somewhere between 30 and 50 ms should be ideal, I think.


Thanks for your prompt replies.

I set it, however it flashes with white intervals. Am I missing something?


Are you live testing by any chance?


I’m using the thunkable app :slight_smile:


Try installing it and see if the flickering persists.


Just installed it and it does the same as the Thunkable app. Flickering white.


Try 10 milliseconds.


Unfortunatley still does the same in the installed app and thunkable app.

Here are the blocks I used:



Managed to fix it @Domhnall, @Peter_Mathijssen,

It was a clash of millisecond settings between the blocks and the design timer.

The only thing left that’s an issue is that at the end of the gif, it goes white and then restarts. Is there something I could add to stop this happening?