Endless animated background

I have an image that needs to run on the screen infinitely.

Something like Mario Bros.

Can anybody help me ? Please, I am 2 days trying to find the solution.

What have you tried so far?

Every 3 seconds (time that the image takes to travel through the room) a background image is created.

When touching the left side of the screen, the image is deleted.

I know, it’s not good. But I was unable to evolve with anything else.

I’ve tested these tutorials too, to no avail.

these tutorials are not for thunkablex

I know! But there is nothing in the Documentation or elsewhere about how to do this.

I tried these tutorials in hopes of solving my problem.

Would anyone know how to do this in Tunkable ?

Show what you tried. We need to see your blocks, UI etc.

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I didn’t really get any success.
I have that base, but nowhere near what I need.