Popup an image in Thunkable X

Is there any way that I can use Image as a button to popup the background image of the button?
More clearly, I just want to popup image for 3-4 seconds…

Any help would be appreciated :grinning:


Hey @kartik_old,

I’m not sure I fully understand. You want a button on the screen, and then you want an image to appear as the background image for a few seconds, and then you want the image to disappear, is that right?

What sort of app are you building?


@domhnallohanlon, you just got it a little wrong (or else it was my mistake)
I want to popup/toast an image for 3 seconds…


can anyone help me?


Let me see if I understand what you mean.

You have a button, let’s assume it would be labelled “show my avatar” that, when you click it, would display your lion avatar image for 3 seconds, before returning to not showing anything special?

Is that it?

Then what you could do is prepare two image files, one is the blank default, one is “myavatar.prn” (or myavatar.jpg; whatever).
When you click the button, the activity would be to set the button background to the myavatar.prn (“button_to_show_avatar set_Background_Picture_to myavatar.prn”) and start a timer (“set timer1 enabled to true”) set for 3000 milisecond (“set timer1 IntervalMilliseconds to 3000”).
In a different block “when timer1 fires”, you have logic that “set timer1 enabled to false” and set the button background back to default.


It’s like :

It’s from Thunkable classic (sorry for quality)


I can think of a couple of ways, one is sure to work, and the others would need to be tested.

The sure approach, and the most likely method used in the example, is to have a web viewer that is made visible, and is set to the URL of a file set as asset which runs an HTML/JavaScript code featuring the needed images and the fade-in/fade-out mechanism.
Another possibility is to have the image fade and transition turned into a animated gif. I tried that way back when with MIT App Inventor, and it was not really doing anything, and then transitioned to a series of individual images that were loaded one after the other in a loop (it worked, but was clunky) before settling on an HTML file that loaded the complete animated gif image sequence.
The downside to this approach is again a lot of off line work to prepare what will end up looking like a fairly simple fade.

The other possible approach is to layer two arrangements (colum or row) such that one is the child of the other. The top most arrangement (child) has the basic guests and speakers images and buttons layout on a full cover opaque background, and upon clicking one speaker’s “view information” button would then use the image file of the selected speaker as the defined background of the bottom (parent) arrangement (column set BackgroundPicture = file_speaker1.jpg ). Then, the button click launches a timer, and makes the whole child arrangement with the image and buttons visible=false, with the timer making it visible 3 seconds later. This would then reveal the bottom arrangement with the picture (but I am afraid it could include buttons or captions of its own, unless those are made visible and returned invisible later, as they cannot share real estate with the child arrangement with the controls, or else they would compete for viewing space.
The downside is that it would not be a nice fade, it will be quite sudden transition.

Perhaps other people may have more ideas. It’s 2:30 AM here, and that is about when my brain shuts off…

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