GIF as a Column's Background Picture

Very interesting, are you using Android or iOS?

I am using iOS and it plays 2 times and stops.

Android, i don’t have access to IOS.

Well, it is very interesting. I will try it on an Android phone as well and head back to you. Thank you for the help so far.


I tested the same project on an Android phone, and it works fine for me, it plays only 1 time, as expected. It might be a bug on the iOS devices.

I will report it on GitHub.

Thank you so much for your help, @backscratcher2007!




I can see that you have discussed other ways to make this work in a Snap to Place app, but I will mention that in the new Drag and Drop UI, you can place components on top of each other, eg. a Label on top of an Animation.

Since the app that you linked above is just the text on top of the animation, it looks like this would be pretty easy to rebuild in the Drag and Drop UI - in fact, here it is!

If you have other app features that you need advice for building in the Drag and Drop UI, let me know and I can show you the relevant docs.


@jane I know this might be a bit hard due to the less number of components in the new DnD UI but whenever possible, could you and the thunkable staff make it possible to convert an app made with Snap to Place to Drag n Drop?

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We are actually working on such a tool right now!

This tool doesn’t have a release date yet, so I would recommend manually rebuilding your project in the Drag and Drop UI for now, rather than waiting for the tool to go live.


Alternatively, I set the Screen’s Background Picture to a GIF and it works fine both on iOS and Android.