Why Layouts are not working as expected?

Hello Team

This is the link for project for your review. I have created this to show-case the issue with layouts.
There is only 1 screen containing layout with 3 containers

  1. TOP - container - 10% height
  2. Middle - container - Fill container
  3. Bottom - container - 10%

But when i built the app, i cannot see the Bottom Container in Android. Can some-one confirm if it is visible in IOS?

The Total Layout size should be 100%(height) as per screen-size of device, it should be responsive and Auto Alignment.

This is causing problems for me to develop the app… As this issue has wasted by time figuring out the issue. As there are only 2 downloads per month. The users should be give little more download options as it helps in reporting bugs and get it fixed by thunkable team.

A free users tries and if his app downloaded 2 times does not look good. He will not buy the paid plan.

As very less users will have time to ask questions on community.

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Sounds like same issue i’m finding

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@bossnxtsz4 Tested in both and can confirm your layout works fine in Ios but bottom container disappears off the bottom of the screen in Android.
Exact same issue.


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Thanks to the wonderful community for taking time and testing it out and confirming the bug :pray::raised_hands:

I request thunkable @matt_conroy @arun and responsible team to fix this bug asap.

The new drag and drop interface is not usable for production apps until fixed.

2 downloads is just too less to test other functionalities, now that my downloads are exhausted how do i test other stuff.? I cannot go with pro plan until satisfied.


I have to wait for next month and then i get +2 downloads. What’s your strategy to on board paid customers. This is a wrong business model.

I suggest your team to review your policies and come with feasible solution.


Hi @bossnxtsz4, thanks for reaching out.

I certainly understand your frustration here and we will absolutely look into this issue for you and work with our engineering team to get these issues resolved.

Feedback like this is always so valuable and we take it very seriously. I’ll follow up here as we do some tests and work on isolating this issue. Please feel free to follow up here!

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Think the issue may be solved if the top tier Layout component could be set to 100% instead of a fixed size with stretch option?


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As your project is built, the bottom container is cut off on both Android and iOS


I’ll get back once I know more. Thanks for your patience!

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Any news @matt_conroy

Right now, we are looking at releasing a fix for this sometime next week–assuming all goes well once the fix is tested in QA.


For now, as a work-around, you can nable Ignore Notch Area in your app settings.
Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 4.10.43 PM

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Already tried this, no difference.

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Hello, thank you for your time dedicated on this matter, i tried it too, unfortunatly there are no difference


Also i’d like to add my experience on this issue, here i posted a detailed pictures of the problem. (i didn’t know they were similar)

We have been able to isolate the issue and are working on the fix currently. Once that is all ready, I will work to get the solution slotted into one of our upcoming release updates. Hopefully, I can have a timeline in the next week or so.

Thanks again for your patience, everyone!


Can we have the new IAP blocks in StP so I can get the app updated?
I can re-visit moving over to D&D when its actually fit for purpose.

At this time, the new IAP blocks will be in Drag and Drop projects only.

Any update on this?

@martint The fix for this is slated to go out in v445, that should be released as early as the middle of next week.

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@martint @maurizio.polverini89 @bossnxtsz4 We have released a fix for this issue. Since this involves only downloaded or published apps, you will need to re-download or re-publish your app for these changes to take effect.

Please let us know how things look once you are able to do this.

Hello @matt_conroy , thank you for your time fixing this issue, really appreciated it!

Just a quick one,
Are you sure it was just a publishing/downloaded issue?
As stated here, i was experiencing the same problem while trying it on Thunkable Live app.

Thank you again