Screen Layout : Blank space


I am trying to set up screen layout and struggling from last two days. The problem is the I could not fit my layout fit to screen : I expect three container with the layout should cover 100% of screen height . I setup then as Main layout as 375X667 px with stretch each sub container is 10%, 80% and 10% height

Here is my project Thunkable

Web prebiew No issue : See screenshot below
S23 ultra : You can see there is fourth color appearing at the bottom of screen which is screen color.
Tablet view last container is not covering whole area and is only about 5%

web preview: as expect
Tablet view : height too short

On phone : height too long

Can someone plz help

instead of setting it to the % of screen in the editor, try using these blocks instead and see if that fixes it. Same thing I know but it might fix it.


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Thank you for suggestion… that did not work… results are identical as not setting up these blocks

Ongoing issue,

I have used this as a temp fix for tablets.


Does this happen to Android only or apple as well…