Serious Issues with Layouts

I’m not sure what’s going on. I lost my publishing ability sometime between November 16 and 20, but was able to work with @domhnallohanlon, @cassandra, and @jane to get it working. Now that it is, I finally published a bunch of changes I had made in hopes to get closer to going live with IAP. However, I cannot figure this out. I changed absolutely nothing with my layouts on my settings screen. After publishing my latest update, here is what it looked like:

I had a few rows set to percentage sizes and other set to fill container. It looked great. Now, I have to have everything set to percentages. I am fine with that, I suppose, but I don’t know why it changed at all when I did absolutely nothing to change the columns and rows I was using. Once I had that fixed, I published again and noticed that my subscriptions page is messed up. Here is what I see with the Thunkable Live app:

It looks great! Exactly how I want it to. However, when I published it, this is the end result:

I have absolutely NO idea where that huge black box at the top comes from. My image should be at the top, the text below it, and followed by the buttons. However, it crams everything down to the bottom. This is a very simple layout. I have a column for the entire screen, set to fill container, and then two rows inside, like this:

The Subscription Viewer row, with the web viewer, is set to fill container, and the subscription button row is set to a 15% height. It all looks great in Thunkable Live and, until I published last night, looked great on my iPhone and Android tablet. Now, it’s a jumbled mess.

Any ideas why I am seeing what I want on Thunkable Live and not seeing that translate to a published app? I have spent hundreds of hours lining all of this stuff up and now, here I am, trying to figure out this mess…

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Here is another example. Thunkable Live looks great (and it did with a previously published TestFlight version):

And, when it was published to TestFlight last night, here is the end result:

I don’t even know what to fix on this, other than going strictly to percentage heights, which kills the layout, because I want the map to take up any portion of the screen not filled by the text, switch, or button.

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Sounds like this might be related to the Fill Container issue I’m having:

But my issue is happening in the Drag and Drop interface so maybe not.

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Perhaps they made changes to try getting this working in DnD and it’s now mucked it up in StP as well? My widths on my main columns are all set to 98% to allow for padding on the edges. My inner columns are set to fill container and they seem to be working as expected. But, yes, my height issue appears to be similar to yours. Instead of filling the container, it’s only filling half of it. If I do percentages, it’s working fine.

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Hey @ronnie - thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me look into it with the team.

Hi @ronnie & @tatiang

Thank you for your inputs here. Do either of you have a simple or stripped down example of this issue. Having a reproducible app with the issue will help our engineering team sort things out if there is a bug they can address!

If so, please do send it to either me or @Cassandra.

Hi there!

Can you try a build version on the device? Let us know if you see the same issues.


@jared I don’t. Just my main app.

@wei unfortunately, I already moved on and updated it with percentages so I could get it out to my testers. The percentage option works for me for now, anyway.

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@jared and @wei, it is definitely something with the fill container. Here is my layout with just percentages:

It comes out of the build process just fine. The top row text is 5%, map is 50%, next two rows are 20%, and the bottom button is 5%. It looks ok on a tablet as well, but I have a lot of dead space at the bottom which is why I wanted that map container set to fill container. What I have now isn’t ideal (in my mind), but it works.

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