Responsive webapp / thunkable live app prevew

when i preview my app as responsive web app and change the screen sice to same as my mobiledevice, layout is not the same as in Thunkable live app preview.

So what layout wil it be, when I publish my app?
ans how am I supposed to take propper screenshots to publish my app, if there’s a different layout?

Yes. This issue is raised to the thunkable github bug report recently. Basically the component layout properties don’t work as expected. We just have to wait for the thunkable team to fix this.


so what is the “original” Layout?

the layout I see when creating?
the layout in the Live App?
the layout in Web?

It’s confusing AF…

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It depends on how it is made before publishing

what exactly do you mean?

I mean it depends how your layout is going to be when you publish it.

You mean how your screen is going to be when you publish,right?

Thunkable Live:

Responsive Web (same screen sice): Unbenannt

the green spaces (button) are not in the same place, thats my problem…

so if i publish my app, where will my button be? (since it is the same screen sice and i work with % space)

maybe my problem is that i work with images as Design… :thinking:

Ok. currently there are issues with the component layout on the responsive webapp portion. It means the component properties behave differently. e.g the column to “fit contents”, it behave like “fill container”. etc. But these properties are correct on thunkable live on the phone. While the Thunkable peeps are solving these, what we can do is to design apps specific for either phone app, or webapp.