Why is Thunkable's Live Testing app so inaccurate?

I’m using the DnD interface, but even on the StP interface that I used to use, the IOS Live Testing app displays everything subtly but noticeably different from the actual builder which is annoying when you are trying to make a nice UI. For example, the spacing gets messed up, and my circles, even ones with perfect dimensions appear stretched. I love Thunkable, but this makes it hard to make nice looking apps. Also, there’s a little footer at the bottom of the Live Testing screen, which displays the Thunkable logo, the name, and the home button. The actual app is not relative to the screen size, as everything is stretched in above the footer. Will all these things also appear like this on the published app?

This is a well documented and conversed issue in this forum.

  1. Thunkable isn’t using a flex/responsive environment outta the box. More like stretch and scale.

  2. iOS is a buncha haterz :crazy_face: just kidding BUT Apple is THE reason that white bar is there and Thunkable is simply playing by the rules albeit annoying as they are

  3. check this post from @matt_conroy
    Layout changes in the downloaded app vs. preview in Thunkable app - #2 by matt_conroy

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Thanks. I have a few more questions which I can’t seem to find the answers to on this forum.

1: My Android device that I’m testing on (S10 Lite) has a completely different app layout to the iOS device (iPhone 13) that looks decent. On the Android, shapes are scattered and text is oversized. I can’t find a one-size-fits-all solution, specially on the DnD builder (preferred interface). Do I have to make different versions of my apps for different devices and platforms?

2: Will the published app appear the same way it does on the Live Tester? By “same way” I mean will the small sizing issues remain and will my app have the same screen size as the Live Tester, the area where the white bar was - now empty space?

3: Platform aside, will the layout change on different devices with the same software? For example, will I have to make different sizes for different iPhones?

And, lastly, 4: how do I use custom-imported fonts in my app on the DnD builder, if possible?

Thank you for all your help. This is much appreciated!

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