Live Thunkable test really not showing what it should

Hello - There is a huge difference in how Thunkable live displays the “to be” app in relation to testflight (and obvisously to the app it self.)
So the live testing via Thinkable app is quite use less from a design perspekticve
Any abision to fix this ?

Best regards

@stefansladdeneng1 Hello! Could you please share more info on the differences you see between Thunkable Live and the testflight?

Hello Ioannis,
If you look at only the button and compare the two images -
From the Time and Target buttons - all buttons down to the two green ones
In the Thunkable live the buttons are smaller, nor propotional and graphic is really uggly
The upper image show from Testflight which is much closer to the reality
The thunkable live one is somewhat condensed also as there is a white area “Home” and “view code” and "Live testing with thunkable. Too big and spacy info…

Do you see now what i mean?
It is frustrating because the Live Thinkable testing can be trusted - You must instead wain 12-24 hour for a testflight version to be available. Which i think is unacceptable…in it self… (i know tHAT is not on you ;-D

Any ideas how to improve this…suggest how to handle it differently ?

I think the issue in the first line is happening because the Time and Target button’s Resize Mode is Stretch, but the rest of the buttons have Resize Mode: Float in Place.
So I would suggest using the same in all of them.

Regarding the time you stated you had to wait for the testflight version, I believe if you add your email as an internal tester and install testflight on your device, you will be able to test the app immediately after it is submitted to the App Store.

Hi Ioannis.
Can i ask you to be more precise on second part here… This is my experience:

  1. Publish via Thunkable page - Waiting 40 min before pushed to Apple Store
  2. As soon as i see it is available in app Store - I need to add an email to get access to a testflight version. I add the email and submit (Note: i already have testflight installed in my mobile.
  3. Now it take between 12-24 Hours before i can even test my work in the testflight application. (This is when i get the invide sent to me by email)
    So i do not understand what i do wrong - Can you or someone else tell me how i shall do to get the invitatio immediatelly it would be much appreciated.

@matt_conroy Perhaps you have an idea….
Best regartds and happy easter

If i use strech the app fuck up totally as the images in button remains in size while the buttor fram grows on the sides. Tried to change all to float whisch is good except for the whole opp gets smaller. See images