Custom Data Viewer layout is too narrow

All of a sudden, it seems that every new custom Data Viewer layout I create shows up very narrowly on the screen when testing in Thunkable Live on my iPhone:

I’ve displayed the Data Viewer List (DVL) in Snap to Place and Drag and Drop… in both cases, extending the width of the DVL to be close to the full width of the screen (e.g. “Fill Container”). But the DVL only takes up at most 1/2 of the screen width.

Here’s the layout in the Snap to Place interface with properties shown for the outermost/top column:

Any ideas why this is happening? It’s now happened with two different projects (separate custom layouts, separate data sources – one local, one Google Sheets).


Can you share a link with me? I haven’t seen this behavior yet but can check it out. Always happy to investigate issues when I can!

Anyone else seeing this type of behavior?

I sent a link to you in a PM.

I should have specified this is happening in a Drag & Drop project. What I wrote before was a little confusing.

I had to set the width property on the custom DVL layout to Relative–>100% and then save the layout and then in the DnD project, resize the DVL component and now it’s displaying correctly, based on whatever width the component is and filling that width. Phew!

Setting the width to Fill Container again causes the problem where it’s too narrow.

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