Can you help me with my custom DVL layout?

I’m trying to make a custom Data Viewer Layout like this:


and i get that :unamused:

Capture d’écran 2022-04-01 à 21.07.04

It’s really the formatting that bothers me It looks like cards…

I’m going back I’ll try to make a frame

update : i put a frame but the cards are not spaced

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When designing a custom DVL layout, go to advanced settings and give your row a minimum height. Start with that and work your way inward setting min/max heights and widths for your elements when your elements in your custom DVL layout aren’t showing the way you’d like.

Remember your can’t update created layouts and instead need to save a new one.

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thank you for your intervention but I don’t get it
when i use the layouts provided with thunkable the layout looks so natural
it is unfortunate that we do not have access to these layouts to see how it work
we could remix them like the projects without modifying the original

How are you sizing your component?

If you’re using “fill parent” for the image dimensions, but then not specifying an image file then I’d expect it to look like your screenshot.

Have you tried using absolute (pixel) sizing?


I don’t use pixels because I probably think it’s wrong if I use it for a screen size what will it be for a screen with a higher resolution
the large square you see (in the first post) is not the location of an image but of a text box

thank you for looking into my difficulties.


And do you want that textbox to be a certain minimum height?

Do you have a wireframe or mock-up of what your final UI should look like?

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I would like my final UI looks like the one in post 1

I would like to know if we can change the background of a label according to a data source value


You can use Relative Size which will scale according to phone screen size.


most of the time that’s what I do and in this case even when I put 15% in a line to separate two “cards” it doesn’t
I have the impression that the List Item Layout is not up to date: with the same data, the same loops etc. I use the provided with Thunkable it is displayed correctly with my attempts at customization I can’t even get it have all my data
I have already used the possibility to customize DVL but it was a row containing 3 labels and I struggled

Too bad we can’t increase the size of the characters in the DVL supplied with Thunkable…I would have been satisfied

thank you for your precision

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See this demo from my side

card DVL

This is the project Thunkable

It has the main text part as fixed (absolute) and the color is changing from the entries in the table.

Hope that answers your questions.


I am discovering the great work you have done
if I understand correctly, I still have to go to screen 2 and save it as a layout
The Data Viewer List doesn’t need to refresh?
I did not yet understood the stroke of color …

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See my other twisted way to show Next and Prev buttons.

This requires two different tables to work correctly.

Have fun.

This is only required once. I include it in the same project but this is not required. The layout could be in a separate project if you need to.

The data is linked to the DVL and no refresh is required.

When saving a layout, you could choose Advanced Binding so you can manage the color of any component in the DVL.

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