DVL layout wrapper: only some properties work

The Data Viewer Layout wrapper works for me when I change for example the background color or the visibility. This block works:

But when I try to change the size, this block does not work:

… I get an error from Thunkable “Something has gone wrong. Check your blocks and reset this page.”

Are there any restrictions about the possible height inside the DVL? Or is it a bug and should work?

Error appears in android live companion 331-2 and iOS live companion 331-1.

Error appears not only in the “Right swipe click” block but also in “Item click”.

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I’m not sure if this is a component we’d encourage editing…that being said though!

I think the wrapper might be a fit contents/fill container type of component? Will have to double check this for you.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you’re trying to do here? Why do you need to change the size of the DVL wrapper rather than the size of the DVL itself?




On one hand out of curiosity: the DVL is a great component and with the many wrappers I can change the layout individually. For example to emphasize entries or to mark previously selected ones with a color. Or for example I am able to set visibility to “false” after an entry was selected, so a user can click on every item exactly only one time.

In an older app I used two DVLs with the same data, one is visible and one is invisible. The user could switch between them like “list with text and small pictures” / “list with longer text and bigger pictures” and technically I changed only the visibility of the two lists.

Today I wanted to know if I can emphasize entries individually which didn’t work at least speaking of height. There are many possibilities and the function “set height” gives some interesting variations.

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Have you tried the layouts component yet? I’m using them all over the new app that I’m working on and they work amazingly well for exactly the type of thing that you’re asking about here


Hi Jared,
I am not shure if we talk about the same objectives: I am looking for a way to have a list of items and to change the size of several entries of the list individually, even if I don’t know how many items there are. The layout component is more or less a statically usable component, isn’t it?

I would like to have something like this (example app with restaurants):


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The height of the components inside a DVL cannot be changed by code nor by column values from the data source.

I tried it in many ways but could not get it to work.

I am sorry to ask but what is a block “set Data Viewer List’s LayoutWrapper - Height to …” good for?

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Hey @Michael_Rogulla

What you are asking about is definteily possible.

Hi Jared, thank you for the response.

When using the block “set Data_Viewer_List’s LayoutWrapper → Height = 16” I get a fatal error from thunkable. @muneer says that he has found no way to change the height inside a DVL. Your opinion is that it should be possible… right now the score is 2:1 against my idea :slight_smile:

Have you tried it? Could you show me a working example?

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I am not referencing the DVL. I am talking about the layouts component. have you tried using that yet?

Please see this example of changing the height of objects in a layout component.

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ok thank you for the example, but I am specifically interested in the DVL.

sure. If you need this feature though, you can create your app using the layouts component and achieve the same result EXCEPT for being able to tap/slide the rows as an event.

Instead, you need to include the labels and relevant buttons in the row that you clone. then you can show/hide components conditionally while allowing the rest of the rows to move to make space for the row’s new height

If you’re interested in learning, I offer paid coaching sessions to bring you up to speed quickly! :slight_smile:

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See this post. We have discussed the same height issue.

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