Setting a component's height in Data Viewer doesn't work

I want to set the Label’s height in the Data Viewer list, but this block just don’t work:

The “row id” block requires a component ID value. You just put in the string “1” but that doesn’t refer to anything in Thunkable. Each component in Thunkable has its own ID which is a long string of characters like 589w3r8fshdl24589wt.

If you just want the height to be different always, then you should make a custom data viewer list layout and make the height whatever you want manually.

If you need to change it dynamically using blocks, then I’m curious if you are trying to change the label height for the first item/row in the Data Viewer List or for all items/rows?

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I was thinking about that as well, but if I try to get a Row’s ID, I get a lot of error messages:

I want to change them manually for all rows. I want to have a Data Viewer List that has 6-8 items and I want to make that responsive for all device, what I mean is it should look good on big screens and even on smaller screens, so the Date Viewer List should be full sized (no blank space at the bottom/after the last item). I am thinking about a solution like that:

I was also trying to make that using Advanced Biding like this:


But the app crashes:

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I explained in another topic that I don’t think a binding is going to work because the value you’re using for the height is always going to be a text string, not a number.

I’m not sure how to do what you’re wanting. I understand you want the DVL row height to change dynamically. I just haven’t found a way to do that yet.

You need a way to get the row IDs from a DVL. And I can’t seem to find a way to do that… unless they are the same row IDs as the data source, which is possible. But it sounds like you already tried that.

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This gives me an internal error in the Blocks tab:


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I see, it makes sense. So that way it doesn’t work.

Anyway, thanks for your time and ideas.

I am on it.

On my side it behaves the same way. Is this a bug again?


this error may cause deleting some blocks of your app/game.

I think yes I have got this error on my project and it deleted most of the code.