[Solved] Is it possible to resize the height of each row of the ListViewer?

I’m sure I could manually make a list with labels or buttons with the height I want, but before I do that I would like to know if the current available List Viewer have a row height attribute, as I couldn’t find it. Sorry if I’m asking a stupid question as I’m still kinda new. Thanks in advance.

You can make a custom data viewer list and style the components the way you want

How do you style the Data List Viewer - you can select from some pre-defined layouts, but how can you define and use a style that is not on the pre-defined layouts

You can make a custom data viewer layout. I can’t post a link at the moment but you can Google it with the word “Thunkable.”

Here is the link in what I think @tatiang wanted to put:


I don’t have the options outlined in the video - see a screenshot of the Data Viewer List:

I’m not sure which options you mean. To select a different layout, click here:

To create a custom layout, use various components (groups, layouts, rows, columns… depending on which interface you are using). Then, click on the outermost component (group, row, container, etc.), click on the three dots, and click Save as Data Viewer Layout. Then go back and select the newly-created layout.