Adjust the line spacing in Simple and Data List Viewer

Is there any way to adjust the spacing between the lines in the Simple or Data List Viewer?

If there is not, with screen space at a premium I think that this should be given some consideration.


Hello @steve_synopsis
This is possible to be done today by creating a Custom Data Viewer Layout
To adjust the spacing between the lines you will need to add bottom Margin on the container before you convert it to a Data Viewer Layout

Does this method work for Simple List Viewers as well as this is what I am using.


The Simple List component is inherently meant to be very basic for ease of use. As Ioannis pointed out, the Custom Data Viewer Layout is the way to go if you want to design something on your own.

As far as I understand, the Data List Viewers only access data from Data Sources. I am creating a list on the fly based on user input, saving the data to a variable and displaying the information, hence the need for the Simple List Viewer.

That use-case would be well suited to using cloning then. You could still create a template for how you want to display the data and then clone the template each time a new input is saved.

There was some really good discussion of the use-case in this topic: