How to remove lines in Simple List?

Hi thunkable community!

May I know how can I remove the white lines after each item in the simple list block? I am trying to make a messaging app between 2 parties. In my design, there are 2 simple lists stacked on top of each other. One shows the messages sent from the person you are chatting with (direction of words from left to right), and the other shows your sent messages (from right to left).

If 1 party sends a message, 2 new lines will be submitted on the other party’s message, to move the list downwards. Due to the white lines, the layout looks awful…

If I can remove the white lines, it will be really great! Or if the white lines cannot be removed, is there a way to change its color? I can match it with my screen colour. Unfortunately, I cannot change my screen colour as it is fixed to match our project’s theme…
I would appreciate any help I can get! Thank you!

Hi @zhen, welcome to Thunkable!

Our pre-designed data viewers are not really intended to be edited very much–the Simple List viewer especially will not have much customization available.

If you are looking for specific design aesthetics for a data viewer, I would suggest checking out our Docs on creating a Custom Data Viewer component.

This would allow you to design a Data Viewer (list or grid) to your exact specifications. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Hi @matt_conroy, thank you for your help!
May I know if it is possible for the data viewer to be linked to Firebase? As I intend to make a messaging tool, the messages sent by both people will be saved to Firebase’s cloud for real-time communication.

Thank you very much!

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