DVL or DVG's height settings


I am working with Data List and Grid viewers and noticed that if the height is set to fit contents everything seems going smoothly - however, if the height is set to fill container the list shows only 10 items.

I have tried to set the DVL e DVG’s height to fill container and then after 2.5 sec to fit contents (through blocks from start screen). However, it seems it doesn’t work.

The issue is that, if the height of the DVL and DVG are set to fit contents, the loading icon that automatically appears and disappears is not shown. If there was a block capable to let us understand when the data have been shown I could simply include a loading icon manually - but without this block I can’t say with certainty when the data are shown (it depends on Internet speed, device).

Hence, is there any specific settings that allow us to:

  1. put the DVL or DVG’ height to fit contents and
  2. show the DVL or DVG’s loading icon?

Maybe there are other settings I am not considering (like settings of the column in which the DVL or DVG have been placed) - any suggestion is very welcome.


Have you tried to set the height to 100% instead of fill container?

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Hi @muneer,

Many thanks for your message. I’ve just tried but it doesn’t work. If I set the height of the DVL to 100%, it has the same behaviour as it was set to fill conteiner (same if I set it to 90%, etc.).

If the DVL is set to fit contents it works properly, and we don’t have advanced settings for DVL that I can be able to modify.

Any other guess on why this happens?

But if I go to another screen (let’s say both are in a bottom navigator) when I am back into the screen where the DVL is placed, the DVL starts showing more than 10 items.

Hence to recap, it seems working if:

  1. the DVL height is set to fit contents
  2. the DVL inizialize (at start of the screen), change screen, and then go back to the previous screen where the DVL initialized.
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I just tested changing the height of the DVL by code and it is changing

Anyway, the issue of 10 rows is a long time pending issue and I solved it by setting the DVL NOT visible and in the screen open I wait about 2 seconds then refresh the DVL and set it visible. This is working for me and it shows all rows.

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@muneer, thanks for your suggestions above. In addition, it seems the issue is also solved using the visible block set to true followed by the appearance of the DVL’s items.

Hope that helps!

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