Data viewer List - The list is cut by the screen

Hello I would like to know why the data viewer List doesn’t display correctly all the items I have a List of 14 data but only 12 is displayed and if I scroll a bit on IOS I can see my 2 other data just below.

So I tried a lot of things to insert the list in a column to play with the Height/Width settings but always the same thing.

Do you have an idea ?

i dont know what are you trying to say maybe you can share your project or maybe create a demo project and make the same column or data viewer you want and share it

Hello, sorry about my English.

Finally the data viewer layout I created was with the master column.

While I had to create a ROW I had problems with the fit container etc…

I tried and succeeded.

But the problem was that my list was not fully displayed there were still items below the screen limit as if the list was bigger than the screen I hope you understood me.

Thank you

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