Data list template

hello all,

I am trying to visualize data into a data list viewer that I made with the snap platform into a project in my dragndrop.

I do not get why a column that is a number shows in a field and not in another

the drag’n’drop project

the template.

I hope you can help me in this.

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Can you provide a screenshot of this and explain what you expect to see and what actually appears?

Edit: I think I understand what you’re saying. When previewed in a browser, not all of the column data is showing up. But when Live Tested on a mobile device, I can see both numeric values.

Edit #2: I was able to make the other columns display by changing the label widths in your custom layout to “fit contents” rather than “fill container” for width. This should not be necessary but it did work to fix this issue.

Custom layout:

Browser preview:


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