Old UI custom data viewer list layout

Hey guys ,
trying to make myself a data viewer list layout like this

can someone help me out (because old UI is not flexible for designing ,in my opinion)

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i made 1 design like default designs. but it doesnt work like default ones. How can i fix?

Preview :

@muneer can you help ?

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an you please send me the design screen/project and some test for me to view it?


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See the corrected layout.

Note that when you share a project, Thunkable does not share your cloud data source this is why you see the data in the screen as sample text.

This helped me a lot , thanks a lot @muneer .
PS: i owe you a dinner sir :smiley:

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At doner will be fine for now :rofl:


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mr @muneer i am bothering you again sorry.
i think with your help , i came up with great design , but i changed your col1 to label because color will change due to the driver. so i ll get the color data aswell.
The problem is , i think it auto assign text to my label .
My design screen

My data viwer list screen

how can i fix thanks

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Remove the word Label from it and just put a dot and make the text color and background color for this Label the same.

You could use the column and change the background color the same way.

sir the thing is every driver has different colors , so background will always change ,
for example : team ferrari will have red , mercedes will,have light blue ,
EDIT 1 : And how can i cahnge font sir (at simple table i can only use standart and italic ) can i add other font kinds?

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You can see the tutorial for advanced Data Viewer Layout. You can store the color in Google sheet and the Data Viewer Layout will use that color.

You can change fonts and style. Anything you can change in the label you can use in the Data Viewer Layout.

Check this tutorial


Hi @muneer , i have a birthday present for you :smiley: ,

i worked it out the color part .

but at my phone it looks like this :
blob:WhatsApp Web
when i changed apps , now it looks like this
blob:WhatsApp Web

ps:probably app downloads slowly because of the background image comes from URL , and the colors aswell . How can i fix

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I can only see this

Show me what happens and send me the Data Viewer Layout let me see if I can fix it.

@muneer sir i can not use blob

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at screeen 2

off the topic :
Hi ,Lets say i have 500 users at my app . i have a selection tab at my google sheet , and when i press bahrain race at my app , it writes down bahrain at selection . Is this system going to work with 500 users ? Thanks.

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The short answer is NO. If any two users are using the app at the same time and selected different teams, what will be written in the Google sheet? The selection of user 1 or user 2?

Yes , it doesnt work i tried it on 2 different accounts , only my main accounted connected to it .
Is there anyway to fix , or do i have to change aproach for design.

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Here is my project link :
and my google sheet :


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@muneer have you tried it out?

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