Old UI custom data viewer list layout

My idea is to add another column for team color and enter the color in #FFFFFF format. Then you can use the color with the name or to change the color of the divider. This will be much better.

For the multi user,
Please see this way of showing only selected group of data.

So the Data Viewer will display all records but you will select which records to show and which records to hide.

i did not understand that part.

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I will make the changes to the custom data layout and also the required changes in the Google sheet and send it to you to better understand what I mean.

Thanks a lot , and i m probably going to make 21 screens for races , because my inputs are so complicated :smiley:

Please see this output

The color is created by a column in the table with color code only

I have added a column teamcolor and entered color code numbers #FFFF00 for example.

In the Data Viewer Layout I used the Advance binding. See the arrow where it says background color

I do not need an image because it will take long to load. I used an empty column and I change the background color from the value in the table.

Hope this makes it clear.

it made it very clear @muneer ,
Thanks a lot.
And i would like to ask you couple of questions if you dont mind.

What ’ s the stages of publishing , and what else i should do unless paying for thunkable.
And can i sent beta versions of applications to customers (i dont want them to see my source code and stuff ) . basically i want them to try it out.

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not it works really nice @muneer , but the thing is , it doesnt fit to my phone demo

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I feel there is something wrong in the sentence. not and nice gives different meanings.

Can you explain more about your demo or share some images?

:smiley: i tried to say now , "now it works really nice " ,
Thunkable phone application photo

When i clicked Drivers (SΓΌrΓΌcΓΌler) bottom tab , it looks like this

Then when i ,changed bottom tabs it looks like this

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Have you updated the Data Viewer Layout in this screen?

Or do you might need to create another custom layout for the screen.

i did

i just have a project for layout , so i m always saving new layouts

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Go to the driver screen and reselect the layout. Sometimes when you change in the layout and save it you need to reselect it to see the updates especially if you use the same name as the old layout.

still having same issue @muneer

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So you are saying that you have the same layout used in 2 screens. One works OK but the other screen does not work OK. Is this correct?

no i dont @muneer

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You are using a layout only for the driver screen and this layout is not properly formatted. Am I correct now?

If yes then please send me the layout project and indicate which one so I can have a look.

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link of the layout
at screen2

have you tried it out @muneer?

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Yes, but I cannot see your problem.
Can you tell me which table in the google sheet you use for the driver screen so I can use the same.

Please mention the table name
and also mention the link between the layout component and the columns in the table

Layout ----> Table

S_No β€”> race_no
driver β€”> driver
team β€”> team
results β€”> pos_1

oh okay sorry , @muneer
table name res

S_No β€”> qual pos
driver β€”> driver_racesort
team β€”> team_racesort
results β€”> race_sort

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