Customizing List Viewer


I’d like to customize my list viewer in terms of the text colour and the arrow colour, but I can’t find any way how.
Also, is there a way to make it that the text is not cut off when it’s big and have multiple lines of text?

Thank you!

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It is impossible to do this directly, but for iOS you can try to make a custom list.

Sadly, I’m doing this app for both Android and iOS, so I’ll stick to this. Thanks for the help!

On your Android device, my project on the link above does not work correctly? Are the names shifted relative to the lines? I asked the people to watch this moment on Android, but no one responded. Therefore, I am writing what works under iOS. Perhaps it works well under Android.

Well, I can try the Android version only in a few weeks because that’s when I’ll be able to use it. I’ll try it out then (if I have time) and let you know!

Thank you in advance. It will be very valuable!

I’m currently trying to play with it in a way that would be useful for my app, but I can’t seem to figure out a bug that is happening. I don’t really know the code being used. It is really easy to follow, but maybe there’s a bug or typo I can’t see that’s causing the code to mess up. The labels at the top are only for testing. The Airtable that is connected has two columns: Title and Body. There are 25 rows. In the title column, it goes from a to y. In the body column, it goes from 1 to 25.
When I start my app, the first label might not change, the value of the variables Title and Body might not change, they might be random and repeating when they should change every time in a consistent manner.
Can you help me? I can explain the other bits if you want.

Can you share your blocks or project link with us @Lea_Monty?

Hi everyone, here you have the way to make a customized table.


@rodrigo.arellanoi do you think they come and see after 2 years