How to change font text in Thunkable X for list view component?

Please help me how to change text font in thunkable x for list view component

Thank you

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Hey @comtechmobi :wave:

At the moment there’s no ‘font’ property for the list viewer, however you can change the text using the text items block in the blocks tab, or the items property in the design tab.


Hello there, @domhnallohanlon :wave:

Will any future updates be inclusive of Font Size, Item height & image supportive listview?

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Hi there,
Current Thunkable X.The listviewer doesn’t have advanced setting or features.If you want,you can do it yourself.However,it will coming soon.
Focus everyday.
(But,sometimes release notes delay since have been added)

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Hi, you can´t change the properties for a list view, but you can make a customized table.

Here is the way.