List viewer display wrong

in my project, i use many list viewer to arrangement, because in the one viewer is can not change more then one color then i download the android app and ios thunkable live app, the list viewer among there are some gaps, and then my text have some position shift. But in my design page i use the web preview is not have the gap and the text is align my list viewer

i show you my download android app the situation and ios thunkable app situation for your reference then i show you my design page web preview situation to show you this comparison

this is my android app situation

this is the ios thunkable live situation

finally i show you in my design page situation, you can see the list viewer there is no space between and the text is aligned

i think this problem is about the screen size of the mobile phone, which leads to gaps in the list viewer and some deviations in the text.

i hope thunkable can fix the problems. It will automatically adjust to different screen sizes

Hello @kinhangyu
Thank you for sharing this
Are you building with the old snap-to-place interface or the new drag-and-drop interface?
Which is the Vertical Alignment of the screen?

i think i using new drag-and-drop interface

@ioannis hello
i mean is in the web preview Left and right text positions are aligned

@ioannis hello, can you have solution to fix this problem?

Hello @kinhangyu
Do you use Layout or Group components?

No, i only put 4 list viewer on the page, i can attach the photo fir your reference

@kinhangyu In order to adapt your app to the different screen sizes you need to use the Group or the Layouts component

hello @ioannis

your mean is put the list viewer and the text in one group can fix the gap?
and i have a question, the layout function is on new drag-and-drop interface can find it?

i can’t find the layout function, how to find that?
and i try to use the group function to put the list viewer and the text label in the group, but in my ios thunkable live app i still see the gap between the list viewer

Hello @kinhangyu
Could you please share the specific project URL with us so we can investigate it further?
Here is a demo project that is working on live test

hello @ioannis
can i send my project to you?

@kinhangyu Yes

@ioannis Can I send you the link privately?


hello @ioannis
Do you see my privately message?

Yes, I see your message but I cant access the project.
Could you please send me the project URL instead of the copy link?
Thank you

Hello @ioannis

how can send the project URL to you?

@kinhangyu Copy it from the top of your browser and send it to me in a personal message.

@ioannis okay, wait the minutes i copy the link to you to your mailbox. Thank you for your help

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