How to adjust ListViewer's font size?

Today I realized that there was a change in the ListViewer component. The font size just got a lot bigger. This left my app with a usability problem. How to adjust ListViewer’s font size?


Hi, I have the same problem. The elements in the list are overlapping

Hi @caminostudio and @nikozv2 ,

Do you see this behavior:

  • In the Designer?
  • When you preview this app on the web?
  • When you test your app on a device?

Can you post a screenshot of what this looks like?

Hi Jane. I see this problem in all cases.
A little example:

So where a line of text on a List Viewer is longer than the available width, where the List Viewer used to clip the text, it now lets the overflow text show on the next line?

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Thunkable team member Jose is now working on a fix for this issue. I will update here when the fix is live.

Thank you very much Jane!!

Hi @caminostudio and @nikozv2,
To follow up here:

  • This behavior has been resolved in the browser. DND apps, web apps, and apps you preview on the web should look fine now.
  • Downoaded apps should also look fine now (you will need to download your app again to see the change)
  • We need to publish updates to the Thunkable Live apps for the change to be visible when you Live test your app on a device. The updated apps should be live in a few days.

Thanks for reporting this issue and for the helpful screenshots!



Thank you so much Jane for your continued support. Bye and thanks again!