List Viewer failed to show in Live App. Any solutions?

Hi guys,

I have been using my phone to conduct the live test using the thunkable app. It is really a nice feature!

However, I have some issues regarding the list view. The list view is able to show in live test in website but failed to show on my phone.

Does anyone know how to solve it? Great thanks!


What version of Live is used?

In this project, you have lists displayed on the main page?


If they are displayed, it means that something may be strange in your blocks when you open the screen.

hey, thanks for sharing the reference.

I just looked into it and it works properly. Is any possible that reason impacting?

What I do is dragging the list viewer into the screen, and link it with firebase. To double check the connection with firebase, I have changed the label to the length of the list. However, only label is successfully shown. I have also checked the visibility of the list and it is “true”.

Again, thanks for the help!

Check the number of rows to display in the list. It may be = 0 and therefore nothing is displayed.

I have just tried to add a blank row into it. Is there any issues if the list viewer is under a row component? Thanks!

There shouldn’t be any problems. Check the dimensions and layout of the components. Add several rows to the properties panel in List Viewer. Is it now displayed on Android?

thanks for the advice! I have moved it out of the row component and it works properly now!

Thanks a lot!