[Solved] User specific app (Database help )

Hello thunkers ,
i made a racing league app (i guees everyone in thunkable knows :smiley: )
so the question is ,
only one part of my app has to be user specific .Or i need to change design , or my database .

maybe can i use FireBase ?

PS: basically i m drowning .

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Firebase is the way to go!

Dear Berkay,

Any database you connect with Thunkable project will have the same problem of not allowing multiuser operation. Firebase is quick but in the other hand it is a JSON structured database and not table formatted although you can use it to store table like data.

The other drawback of Firebase connection is that you cannot connect it to Data Viewer List / Grid.

The best workaround for your situation is to create a Local Table with the same structure of your results table and whenever the user selects a team then you will do the following:

  • Clear all data in the local tables
  • Loop through the rows of the selected team and add them to the local table

With this method and with the local table bound to the data viewer, your user will have the data of the selected team / country without effecting any other user because local tables are created in the phone.

Hope this helps.

sorry mr @muneer
i know we discussed this , but i was kinda stuck thats why i post this thread

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That’s OK. I gave you my opinion based on the information I have about your app and from my point of view, if you change to Firebase it means changing over 65% of your work and you will not solve the multiuser problem.

Are you suggesting Firebase can’t be accessed by multiple users at the same time? Maybe I’m misunderstanding here.


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In the app of @unsalberkay1905cfbe the user selects a team / country and then the app will assimilate information in a sheet and display it using the Data Viewer List bound to the same data source (Google sheet). If in the same time another user selects a different team then one of the selections will overwrite the other.

Using the same app and same design nut changing the data source from Google sheet to Firebase will not give the multiuser effect unless the design and the method of accessing the data is changed which in turns effect most of the coding.

Firebase just like Airtable and Google sheet will be accessed by multiple users at the same time as long as the user does not make a selection that effects the data stored in the data source.

Hope this is clear that I’m referring to the specific case of @unsalberkay1905cfbe not in a general sense.

This is so smart ,sorry for the late response (i’ve been dealing with funeral )

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Our condolences.

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Thanks .

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I created an excel (isnt that local table) ,
i can not connect

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Can you explain more?
Thunkable can connect to:

  • Google sheet
  • Airtable
  • Local table

The other database that Thunkable can connect to is Firebase but you will not be able to link it to a Data Viewer.

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so you suggested me to create an local table ,
so i created an excel , (isnt excel a local table)
but i guess this is not what u meant

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If you can share an image of what you created so I can better understand. Sorry today my mind is acting slow.

i just copied my google sheet to local excel @muneer

@muneer how will i import my google sheet to local database?

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No easy way, only by using codes and loop through the resords.

@muneer , is that whay you are saying ,
all those google sheet formulas needs te be done by using block codes and inputs?

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oh shit , :upside_down_face:

so i will create 7 local DB s for my tables. i guess i will start with that
what do you think :smiley:

or creating 22 screens for my app easier ?
i think i ll change my design to yours

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